Lido Log

girl learning to swim

Greenbank Swimming Pool, Street
19th May 2007

(second Lido Swim)

1: Wiveliscombe Community Swimming Pool
8.15am on Saturday 19th. July 2007

Dave arrived early for our journey to Somerset. Diana drove to the M5 motorway with Dave and I mostly chatting about past memories. Too late!, without directions, Diana had started up the motorway away from the Wiveliscombe Community Pool, our first lido. A quick change of direction saw us arrive at the pool just after 8pm. Waiting for us, was Jo Harding, Chairman of the trust that ran the pool plus a photographer from the local press. Jo was kindness itself, thrusting £20 into our collection box and making us a cup of tea after our swim. Wonderful surroundings, super swim and we get to appear in the local paper. Great start!


Lido 2: Greenbank Swimming Pool Street10.15am on Saturday 19th. May 2007

Off to Street now to our second lido run by the Greenbank Trust. Found the pool very close to Shopping Village. No time for shopping today. Dave explained our mission and the friendly lifeguard lets us in for free and popped a pound in our collecting box. People are so kind. Water temperature was 30 degrees C and we believed them, just like a hot bath! Again, a super swim but dodging around the many mums, dads and children bobbing up and down in the pool. At least it slowed Dave down a little and allowed me to keep up better! Met a guy in the changing room after who promptly gave us his spare coins.

Lido 3: Shepton Mallet Open Air Pool 12pm on Saturday 19th. May 2007

Drove to Shepton Mallet with Diana again at the wheel. Found the pool run by Mendip District Council. Staff very friendly: even roped off a lane for us! Pool heated by the Babycham factory industrial process. It had been recently refurbished and converted from 33metre to 25 metres length, wonderful fountain. Off to lunch in Glastonbury. Found a very pleasant café: we all tucked in with Diana feeling particularly peckish (must have been all that driving!)

FrontSwimmer doing front crawl


Lido 4: Huish Episcopi SC, Langport 3.15pm on Saturday 19th. May 2007

Diana drove to Langport, to the Huish Episcopi pool run by Somerset County Council. Staff there were friendly enough but not the same reception we had earlier. Actually paid to go in! Ploughed up and down for 64 lengths finding our way through a lot of youngsters oblivious to these two old chaps doing their bit for Save the Children. After my third collision, I decided that I didn’t want to save any of these children. Mission completed, asked the lifeguard to take photo.


FrontSwimmer doing front crawl

First Lido Swim

FrontSwimmer doing front crawl

Wiveliscombe Community Swimming Pool on Saturday 19th. May 2007